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Li River Resort Location

Driving To The Li River Resort

If you are driving to the Li River Resort then these directions will show you the easiest way to get here. 


Yangshuo has two expressway exits. If you are coming from the South, then the exit for you is the Gaotian exit. If you are coming from the North, then the Baisha exit is the one you should take.

Once in Yangshuo, you want to drive down Diecui Lu which goes past Yangshuo Park. Then you want to drive up Shengshan Lu which goes past the Yangshuo Hospital. Keep driving on Shengshan Lu until you go out of Yangshuo. You then want to turn right and drive through the village of Shibanqiao. After Shibanqiao village, you will be heading back towards Yangshuo. At this point, you will see our hotel sign. Turn left now and our hotel is 400m down this road.