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Yangshuo is a fantastic region to explore. With its mix of rural scenery amongst the karst mountains and clean rivers, there is always something new to discover. You can walk around, explore on a bicycle or scooter. Take a cruise or ride a bamboo raft. You can even take a ride in a helicopter. There are so many options.

We provide an extensive range of tours for all of our guests and can modified to suit you. We can provide English speaking guides to show you around or you can discover the region on your own with our free maps and our advice. Just ask at reception.

Here are just a few of the options for you.

Half Day Tours

1. Xianggong Hill and the Tea Plantation

Take in the best views over the Li River from the height of Xianggong Hill and discover everything about tea when you visit the tea plantation.

This tour is done by car or van depending on numbers.


 2. Alf's Yangshuo Downtown Tour

Discover the history of Yangshuo as well as all the interesting sites in the downtown area.

Yangshuo town is full of surprises that most visitors do not get to experience. This tour will give you great insights into this wonderful town. You will visit the historical sites, as well as the local market, the West Street area and get great views from the top of Yangshuo Park.

This is a walking tour of Yangshuo and is guided by Alf who has been living in the Yangshuo area for 20 years. He has amazing insights into so much of Yangshuo. Feel free to ask him any questions about this area.


3. Li River Raft Trip (Xingping - 9 Horse Fresco Hill - Xingping)

Transfer from Yangshuo to Xingping. In Xingping board your raft and head up river to 9 Horse Fresco Hill. On the way you will go past the spot on the Li River where they took the photo for the back of the 20 RMB bank note. After seeing 9 Horse Fresco Hill you will return to Xingping on the raft. Then return to Yangshuo.

This can be done as a shared tour or a private tour. The shared tour is great value for money.

The rafts are 4 person rafts and there is a minimum height requirement of 1.2m for children.

4. Li River Raft Trip (Yangdi to Xingping)

This covers the entire best section of the Li River. We take a private car from the hotel and drive to Yangdi where we board the raft. Cruise down river to Xingping where we go past sites such as 9 Horse Fresco Hill and where the photo for the 20 RMB bank note was taken. From Xingping we return to Yangshuo by private car.

The rafts are 4 person rafts and there is a minimum height requirement of 1.2m for children.

5. Yulong River Raft Trip (Private Car)

Drive to Jinlong Bridge where you board your raft. Cruise gently down the beautiful Yulong River to the town of Jiuxian. You can return to the hotel straight away or you can spend some time walking around Jiuxian which is a lovely village.

6. Cooking Classes

Learn how to cook Chinese dishes from the experts. Yangshuo has two very good cooking schools. The Yangshuo cooking school and Cloud 9 cooking school. Yangshuo cooking school is located in the countryside and Cloud 9 cooking school is located in downtown Yangshuo. They both start their tour in downtown Yanghuo and visit the local market before taking you to their classes.

7. Silver Cave

Discover the large cavern and the stalactites and stalagmites that make up the impressive Silver Cave.

This tour is done in a car or a van depending on numbers. A guide is supplied by the cave operators and people walk through the cave as part of a larger combined group.

This tour includes return transfers from the hotel.

Full Day Tours

1. Bike Ride To The Yulong River With Bamboo Raft Ride

Ride along quiet roads near the Yulong River and take in the local villages and countryside. Once you reach the Yulong River board your raft and drift down this beautiful river for just over an hour. Get back on your bikes and ride to Moon Hill. Here the option of climbing up Moon Hill to get great views of the countryside.

Return to Yangshuo via the Shili Hualang scenic road.

This tour comes with an English speaking local guide. The roads that you will be riding on are sealed and very flat. Baby seats can be added to the bikes.


2. Complete Yangshuo

This tour is for those who only have a short time in Yangshuo and want to do and see as much as possible.

The tour includes a raft trip on the Li River, visit the lovely village of Liugong. see two lovely bridges over the Yulong River and take in the best views over the Li River from the top of Xianggong Hill.

Drive to the Li River and board your raft (between Fuli and Liugong).

Walk around this traditional old village. Liugong is one of the most authentic and untouched villages in this region. Walk around and explore the old buildings and get a feel for an era that is quickly vanishing.

Drive to the Dragon Bridge and explore this old bridge.

Drive to Fuli Bridge. This lesser known bridge is probably prettier than the Dragon Bridge.

Drive to Xianggong Hill and take in the best views over the Li River.

Return to the hotel.

This tour can be done with or without a guide.


3. Longsheng Rice Terraces

The rice terraces are located to the northwest of Guilin and can be visited as a day trip. We can arrange a car to drive you to the village of Pingan or Dazhai where you can walk around the village and the rice terraces. Once you are ready return to Yangshuo.

This trip can be done with or without a guide.

If you have a late flight or late train or even if you are staying the night in Guilin, then you can be dropped off at the airport, any Guilin train station or any Guilin hotel at the end of the day. Check with us if you have enough time to visit the Rice Terraces 

Evening Shows

1. Liu Sanjie Sound and Light Show

View the famous light show at the confluence of the Li and Yulong Rivers. This show is on almost every night and is very popular. Try to order your tickets the day before or early in the morning.

The number of shows on each night depend on the demand for each day. Some days there may be two shows and on the really busy nights a third show is also staged.

The tickets available to the show are as follows:-

A1: This is for a private room with a waitress who will serve snacks and tea/soft drinks.

A2: A shared room with a waitress who will serve snacks and tea/soft drinks.

B1: Outdoor seating with more comfortable chairs than B2. 

B2: Outdoor seating.

Children tickets are available and these children get a movable seat that is placed in front of an adult’s seating.

Infants are free but they have to be held by an adult.

We can also arrange transfers to the show and back.


2. Cormorant Fishing

See the local cormorant birds replicate the ancient tradition of catching fish. The show is held on the Li River most nights. This is a dying art-form as most fishing now is done with nets or  the fish are raised in farms.

You can do this as a shared tour (which will be done in a part of the Li River away from Yangshuo) or you can request a private tour which will be done on the Li River near the hotel.

The fisherman and his birds will be on a raft that has a light on the front of the raft to attract the fish. You will be on a small boat viewing the performance and at the end you will be able to see closeup the birds and the fish they caught.